"Above and Beyond, remains incredibly responsive and accessible to my management needs. Both Andrew and Tracey lead a practice that has empowered me to address the “gorillas” in the room through a tailored and effective process of discovery.”

Leslie Woo
Chief Planning Officer, Metrolinx

“Thanks to Above and Beyond, we have made significant progress in centralizing and transforming our organization. They’ve given us the tools to accelerate the development of our leaders and bring them together to deliver strong results for our company.”

Patty Watson
Chief Technology Officer, Brinks Inc.

“I have used the talented services of Above & Beyond on a number of occasions when I was at American Express. I first sought out their expertise when I was a newly appointed leader of a large and disparate Finance group in an attempt to mould the group into a unified and effective team. The initiative was extremely successful and I brought A&B back each year to continue what we had begun.”

Shawn Klerer
Chief Financial Officer, American Express,
President CEO, CFO Mash + Media

“Tracey has a level of knowledge that allows her to transcend the usual and basic systems of relaying ideas. She creatively applies both verbal and activity based systems to gently but clearly drive home the point. In a world where old ideas are constantly being repackaged for new, Tracey truly brings a refreshing and new way of thinking to the table.”

Sales Rep
for a Medical Device Company

“What I like about A&B, is that they spend the time to understand the nuances of our business, to understand the deeper context of the challenges. They don’t just come in and deliver a program, but they deliver a program within the contextual nuances of the organization. This is the value that they bring.”

Director of Quality Assurance
For a large Bank/Credit Card Organization

“Above and Beyond’s customized development programs have addressed the needs of my team with actionable plans that last beyond the program. They listen and help identify our gaps, and then tailor a program to build the necessary skills and capabilities for us to succeed.”

Joseph Dzedzic
Chief Financial Officer, Brinks Inc

“Above and Beyond provides deep knowledge and real world know-how in terms of guiding key initiatives such as: Cultural Transformation, Engagement, Leadership Development , the development of Leadership Profiles and Executive Coaching. Their relationship with the Schulich Executive Education Centre allows for access to a deep bench of business expertise from one of the top business schools on the planet.”

Bruce McCuai
President CEO, Metrolinx

“Tracey is a trusted, reliable resource for us in our pre-hiring process. She provides valuable insight into candidates’ inherent traits and tendencies, and helps us identify areas to probe to clarify how candidates may have learned to modify their approach over time.”

Vice President
Of HR at a Publishing Company

“Andrew was a great partner as we evolved our Accelerated Leadership Program participant criteria and selection process. His facilitation style is very engaging and thought provoking.”

Kristen Stolze

“Above & Beyond brings critical, current and practical knowledge and skills to the table which has allowed our team to bond quickly in an open and transparent way. They are evidence-based which works well for us. And they understand the impact of individuals on the team and the impact of the team on the organization – the discussion moves from theory to practice in a very constructive manner.”