Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Grow Fast: The Value of Making Mistakes

Leaders must make a mindset change from commanding people to ‘do what they’re told’ to asking people to ‘do what is right.’ The old control and command, fear-based system of leadership must be replaced by a new, trust-based “Developmental Leader” system, whereby leaders believe that people are the organization’s greatest competitive advantage— and ultimate differentiator.

It’s The People, Stupid, Not The Stupid People

In today’s global economy, we need all of what people have to offer, not just their time and effort. We need their hearts, passion, commitment, and best creative thinking in order to find and keep loyal customers.

The Story Behind Above + Beyond

We began our journey as pioneers in the Experiential Learning Industry, and today, we find ourselves in the world of Talent Analytics, Ideation, and Problem Solving.  Although it may seem far from our origins, the one thing that has remained constant is our purpose:  Bringing Out The Best In People. I’d like elaborate on how this came to be.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) In Teams

We know that teams are most productive when they achieve high levels of collaboration, cooperation, and participation. But how can we ensure that all team members apply the necessary emotional awareness in group settings?  Is it possible to create emotionally intelligent teams?