It’s The People, Stupid, Not The Stupid People

In today’s global economy, we need all of what people have to offer, not just their time and effort. We need their hearts, passion, commitment, and best creative thinking in order to find and keep loyal customers.

The Story Behind Above + Beyond

We began our journey as pioneers in the Experiential Learning Industry, and today, we find ourselves in the world of Talent Analytics, Ideation, and Problem Solving.  Although it may seem far from our origins, the one thing that has remained constant is our purpose:  Bringing Out The Best In People. I’d like elaborate on how this came to be.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) In Teams

We know that teams are most productive when they achieve high levels of collaboration, cooperation, and participation. But how can we ensure that all team members apply the necessary emotional awareness in group settings?  Is it possible to create emotionally intelligent teams?

Why Performance Management Needs To Be Disrupted

Traditional approaches for performance reviews are notorious for wasting time and money. In fact, most of us openly admit they’re ineffective, unreliable and in many cases, demotivating. While the workplace has evolved and technology has advanced, most organizations have remained stagnant in their approach to managing performance.

Case Study: From Data to Strategy

Talent was a critical driver in making the organization’s new strategy a reality, with a need to enhance types of talent in both leadership and business development positions to engage employees in fresh ways.

How to Measure Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ encompasses the the ability to perceive, control and evaluate the emotions that influence how people engage with their day-to-day lives. It is a measurable component of who we are, just like IQ. Basically, if IQ measures how smart you are, then EQ determines how effectively you can use your smarts.

Qmarkets and Above+Beyond Form New Strategic Partnership

We are thrilled to now provide our Project WOW clients with Qmarkets’ wide suite of collective intelligence and idea sharing tools.

Moneyball for Business

In today’s competitive world, talent is your most valuable asset. It’s also probably your biggest expense – so why not be more strategic about it?

Your Leaders Shape Your Culture

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how well thought-out your strategy is, or how strong your team is. You’ve all heard it before, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. If people’s behaviours are not aligned with your strategy and what you value, then you’re not going to maximize the potential of your business.

Innovating HR: How Hackathons Foster Organizational Change

Speed and agility have never been more critical in today’s digital world, where globalization and technology have increased competition tenfold. At the heart of it all is innovation, a way of doing things differently to achieve a company’s vision while staying ahead of the competition. While it’s clear that innovation is the lifeblood of any business, what remains unclear is how leaders are supposed to achieve it.

Podcast: Using Data Analytics to make Better Talent Management Decisions

In this podcast, Andrew Levison, Founder and President of Above + Beyond, joins Tania Cervoni from the Canadian Management Centre (CMC) to discuss using data analytics to make better talent management decisions.