(Pt. 3) Grow or Die: Four Stages of Transformation

The reality is if something’s worth doing, it is worth doing wrong, at least the first time. We’re in a new world of constant change requiring new thinking and new solutions. The new mantra is, “Fail fast, learn fast and grow fast”.

(Pt. 2) Grow or Die: Four Stages of Transformation

Change must start with the leadership. Leaders must move from a fear-based command-and-control philosophy to trust-based developmental philosophy. Leaders will have to be the fastest learners and expect the others to follow their lead. Leaders will have to deeply understand that leadership is about someone following someone else because they want to, not because they have to. In short, leaders will have to lead.

(Pt. 1) Grow or Die: Four Stages of Transformation

Using this model, you can quickly identify what stage of growth your company is in and where it’s headed. The model can apply to any change – in life or nature. By studying the predictable processes, a leader or a leadership team can begin to develop strategies to be ready for it.

Effective Communication: A Formula For Success

Leaders need to be great communicators to grab and keep the attention of their followers. It is not an easy task since the natural result of communication is misunderstanding. Odds are you misunderstood what I just said, so, again: “The natural result of communication is misunderstanding.”