Podcast: Using Data Analytics to make Better Talent Management Decisions

In this podcast, Andrew Levison, Founder and President of Above + Beyond, joins Tania Cervoni from the Canadian Management Centre (CMC) to discuss using data analytics to make better talent management decisions.

Get your burning questions answered:

  • What are some common trends and challenges that HR leaders face when
    identifying and developing their people?
  • What is talent analytics?
  • What is the difference between Normative and Ipsative assessments, and which
    should I use to best identify talent potential?
  • How can I ensure a greater Return on Development?
  • What is Above + Beyond’s Leadership DNA™?

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About CMC

We’ve partnered with the Canadian Management Centre (CMC) to provide clients with learning solutions that align with our Leadership DNA™ approach to talent development. For the last 5 decades, CMC has helped thousands of organizations build leadership capability at all levels. Together, with the integrated power of data analytics, we are redefining what it means to offer highly targeted development that accelerates learning effectiveness while maximizing a return on development.